The Cypher System Open License

Publish your adventures, settings, and even complete new games—powered by the Cypher System!

The Cypher System Open License allows publishers, gamers, and members of the public to freely create and market tabletop roleplaying games compatible with, and using the rules from, the Cypher System.

Through the Cypher System Open License, publishers are allowed to duplicate content from the Cypher System Reference Document (CSRD), a version of the Cypher System rules that includes nearly all rules content in the Cypher System Rulebook. Character generation, core game rules, optional and variant rules, creatures, cyphers, items, artifacts, and more are included in the Cypher System Reference Document. Text from the CSRD may be duplicated, in part or in full, within products created under the Cypher System Open License.

If you’re a publisher or game author, you’re invited to capitalize on the commercial success of the Cypher System and make the most of its amazing flexibility, ease of play, narrative focus, and fun gameplay as you bring your creativity to life. You can create adventures, settings, supplements, and even entire, self-contained games using the Cypher System, and modify, change, and add to the Cypher System rules as best serves your vision.

The Cypher System Open License is a legal and binding agreement with Monte Cook Games. Make sure you read and understand it fully before entering into the agreement!

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